I meant to post this amazingly inspirational video over a week ago, but never got a chance. Since I’m late, I’m sure there’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said, but I will say this: in 1998, I bought “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, and have recently begun playing it in my car repeatedly. I will never forget the first time I heard Lauryn Hill sing the title track. One line in particular changed my entire attitude; “…every time I tried to be what someone else thought of me, I got so caught up, I wasn’t able to achieve.” Perhaps it’s because I’m in my Fugee/Lauryn Hill throwback mode, but when I heard Willow Smith sing this song, it immediately reminded me of that song. Willow’s encouragement to simply be okay with being yourself mirrors Lauryn’s inspiration to allow yourself to be yourself.

Vocally, Willow has improved a lot since her hair-whipping debut, so kudos to her for that. But, for me, it’s is all about the message in this song. Listen and enjoy!




this is beautiful. what a time for us.


Black Sitcoms Will Never Be the Same. I ran through Jet Magazine’s Archives and saw that almost every other issue in the 90’s had a black sitcom family on the cover. If only we could get shows like these back. Here were my favorites growing up..

Never again will black sitcoms pale in comparison to these =/

What kills me is that all of these shows were successful. Multi-year runs with plenty of ad revenue, so you can’t claim audiences won’t watch shows featuring black people. But somehow none of these successful shows, or miniseries like Women of Brewster Place, or high grossing movies with black leads matter in Hollywood. The excuse is always that they’re a niche product/a fluke/whatever other dumbass excuse they can dream up to avoid engaging with reality.

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I seriously can not remember the last time I actually found a song I love by listening to the radio. But Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” is everything! So I simply HAD to post. Enjoy!

“I got crazy looks at Target and the gas station, but at Walmart, they didn’t blink an eye.”
Wes Bentley, on the public’s reaction to his Hunger Games beard in North Carolina while shooting the film

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"Learning to Love Yourself is The Greatest Love of All…" R.I.P. Whitney Houston!!!

Is anyone as shocked as I am???? Moving past “Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife” in autotune, Antoine Dodson’s singing real songs now.

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RT @wmaxfieldjones: “When you truly love someone, their mistakes never change your feelings - the mind gets angry, but the heart still loves

Flag-lowering ends controversial U.S. Iraq mission #cnn

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mc DJ - Greensleeves
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Completely in the Christmas spirit, I HAD to re-post this from last year.

While we are all familiar with The Vince Guaraldi Trio (the amazing jazz ensemble responsible for bringing us Charlie Brown music), their Christmas music EP includes a lesser-known jewel: A beautiful rendition of Greensleeves. The multi-talented Donald Glover (AKA MC DJ) remixed the EP, and did an awesome job with this Greensleeves mix. Its my fave. Take a listen, and check out the adorable video below if you’d like to hear the original.